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   Sun and Moon - Rise and setting Calculator

Calculate  for Swara Yoga sadhana  year / month / date,  sunrise, sunset ,  moonrise and moonset.  (There will be a 'fuzzy zone' at around latitude 67.43 as a result of using approximate Sun postion routines - and a similar zone around the 'lunar arctic circle' - but real rise and set times depend strongly on your local horizon anyway. Treat any 'days' or 'nights' shorter than about 20 minutes with caution). Fill, year, month, the day of the month in which you want to start calculation, longitude for west negative, time zone behind Greenwich negative, latitude south negative. It will calculate for 31 day by default  but you can calcualte for even more then one year just change the number of day  and click on the button calculate.

For Longitude & Latitude click here

Enter the days for which sunrise / sunset, moonrise-set are required and click on calculate button, result will display on the table below. 


Year : Answers believed to be useable for 50 years either side of 2000
Month : No error checking on correct months, days and leap years yet.
Day :
Longitude : Decimal degrees west longitudes must be negative
Time Zone : Decimal hours west of or 'behind' Greenwich negative
Latitude : Decimal degrees south negative
Number of days : How many lines in the table? (365 lines take about a minute on an elderly PC)
Click to run : : Use reset to clear table for new calculation. 
Results :
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