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      Hari Om 

  Our Service for Swara Yoga will be always available and we will keep our website up and       running for all the Swara Yoga practitioners, Sadhaks, Yogis and Sanyasins. Our goal is to    make our website more user friendly and to develop some web application which can      generate Sadhana details in much better way what we have right now. We need voluntary  support from our all well wishers through out the world. So that we can keep updating our      online free services. Only to maintain our website and to reply all request made online cost    us USD 100 per month minimum. To upgrade and develop advanced features we need    further investment and that can be only possible with the help of all our well wishers. Any  amount  of donation is appreciated it will help us continue our effort to serve you efficiently. For donation contact us.

Email: swarayoga@gmail.com


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