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     One Year  Swara Sadhana Calendar During Sunrise - Set 

Calculate for your Swara Yoga Sadhana -- year / month / date, tithi  (Indian Vedic calendar lunar days) sunrise  Swara, sunset Swara,  moonrise and moonset.   Fill, year, month,  in which you want to start your calculation, longitude for west negative, time zone behind Greenwich negative, latitude south negative. It will calculate for 366 days .  Click calculate result will display from the selected  day of the year & month to next 366 days. Calculation for one full year may slow down your system for two minute while calculation if browser ask to abort the script click no. It may ask 3 to 4 times during  calculation always click no. Calculation may take 1 minute to 2 minute time depend on your computer memory. Be patient while calculation. For your Swara yoga practice copy and paste in Microsoft word etc. and print.

Swara yoga is an ancient tantric science which need proper guideline from an adept.  We are not responsible for any claim in case  you are practicing Swara yoga using this website. 

For Bangalore India only change Year, Month and Day.

Year : Change Year, Month Days, Longitude, Time Zone & Latitude
Month : Longitude & Latitude Indian Locations click  here                                                                                                           For Longitude & Latitude  whole World Click here
Longitude : Decimal degrees west longitudes must be negative
Time Zone : Decimal hours west of or 'behind' Greenwich negative  To Get Your Time Zone click here
Latitude : Decimal degrees south negative
Click to run:   







.... .....Means sun or moon below horizon all day 
**** Means sun or moon above horizon all day
------ In rise column means no rise that day and in set column - no set that day.

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